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Car Battery Maintenance


An automotive battery is a type rechargeable battery which supplies electrical current to the motor of the vehicle. The main purpose of the battery is to feed the starter, which starts the engine. Once the engine starts running, power for the car’s electrical systems is supplied by the alternator. There are different type’s car batteries which are used in our vehicle. Those batteries differ according to our needs and vehicle standards and specifications.

Car battery type includes- Lithium-ion (li-ion) batteries, wet cell (or flooded) batteries, valve-regulated lead-acid batteries, deep cycle batteries, starting, lighting and ignition batteries.


  • Make sure the battery rating meets the minimum cranking amperage (CA or CCA) requirement for your vehicle.
  • Even today maintenance free batteries need to be undergone periodic inspection & cleaning to ensure proper operation.
  • The fan belts should be inspected for signs of wears and proper adjustment should be provided.
  • Loose or corroded cable ends prevent your battery from maintaining a full state of charge.
  • Heat causes more damage to batteries than cold weather, but starting a vehicle in cold weather puts more strain on it.


If the battery in your car is bad or near the end of its purposeful life, the alternator may not supply the required amount of alternating current (AC) to keep the vehicle operating properly. If any other components in the charging system are malfunctioning, the entire system will suffer from poor performance or system failure due to battery malfunction.

Batteries almost never fail during good power delivery condition. For prolong battery life& battery, make sure battery terminals and cable ends should be kept clean and free from corrosion. The battery with starters and charging system should be periodically tested for proper performance. Many testers are utilized today, which are able to predict when a battery is near the end of its useful life.


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